October 6, 2017

The Adventures that Life Brings...

    Life brings adventures into our lives all the time.  Sometimes we expect them while other times they are a complete surprise.  And they aren't always good or welcome.  They do however make us stronger and show us that we can survive no matter what life throughs our way.  In my case I've moved to Washington state after retiring from the military.  Shortly after moving here, a week to be exact my husband was in a very bd mountain climbing accident with a friend.  I got lucky...the hubby came home with some very serious injuries.  He's friend however did not come home alive.

     Its things like this that make us realize what is most important in life.  Its also things like this that remind us how fragile our bodies really are.  And its things like this the remind us to live every day, tell our loved ones that we love them, and enjoy life because you never know if you will be here the next day.  For that next day is not guaranteed.

     All I can say is that I'm glad I was here when it happened.  I was able to help nurse him back to health.  He had a rough go at first.  Its hard to understand why one person lives while another's life is taken away.  I don't know if there is anything after death or if there is some grater being....all I know is that we must live every day, enjoy the time we have, not focus on making millions of dollars, but focus on life.  If you focus on the material things in life then you tend to miss everything else.  And before you know it, its too late.  You've run out of time to say I love you or hug a loved one or take that adventure you always planned.

December 14, 2016

New Beginnings

Wow I can't believe I'm starting to write again.  Its been a long few years that I've taken off from it.  Life has changed and thrown a lot at me these past few years.  But I can say I survived, learned from it and have continued to move forward.  I'm not entirely sure what direction this blog is going to take.  It and I are simply going to follow whatever path comes before us until life provides a better direction.

I think thats part of the name.  Life, love, and adventure...the only things in life that truly matter.  In this day and age people become so focused on money, fitting in so people like them, and keeping up with "the Jones" that I think they forget to truly live life, to enjoy the adventure of living and to love.  I can honestly say that I forgot all that until last year.  I almost lost everything and that is what it took to remind me what life is about.

I hope whoever might be reading this enjoys.  I hope that you gain something no matter how small from it.  And I hope most of all that you live, love and enjoy the adventure of living life.

September 28, 2011

The Good in Life

In my last post I talked about bad ideas and building on them.  The question is have I done just that in this past month…no not exactly.  I started to build on some of my bad ideas, but by no means have asserted myself as I should.  I'm done with classes for a while so maybe I'll find the time to apply myself to something that I want to do.  I dislike the part of life that keeps us from the things that we love!  The unfortunate part is that is life.  We must endear the bad in order to enjoy the good that comes with life.  Something else that I have noticed over the years is that we can't always go looking for the good, sometimes it has to find us!!!!

I cherish the good that comes in my life…its more times than not few and far between!!!

September 4, 2011

Bad Ideas….

So bad ideas….ever had one??  I know that I have. In fact I can even tell you that I went through with some of my "bad ideas."  And yes I do have some regrets about some of those ideas that I followed through with.  I heard a bit of interesting advice recently…take a bad idea and run with it.  Where did this interesting advice, from a movie that I haven't watched in years Under the Tuscany Sun.  I haven't watch the movie is I don't know how long.  I'd forgotten how much I loved this movie and how inspirational it can be.  For a few years now..okay many years I've always wanted to write a book, but all my ideas kind of flop.  So now I'm going to take some good advice and run with a bad idea.  There is no telling where it might lead too.   Just maybe something good will come from this exploration!

This is one bad idea that I intend on not having any regrets.  I will do at least one thing for myself in this life!  I'm by no means selfish, but I need just one thing that is all me.  I spend so much time doing for everyone else that I tend to forget about myself.  Writing, photography and reading are me time!  And its time that I put a little more effort into the writing part of my me time!

August 16, 2011

Can Anger be Constructive?

So I read something a while back and it asked the question “Can anger be constructive?”  My answer to this question would be yes.  I’m sure that the answer to the question is different for everyone, but for me it’s a yes!  I know when I get mad or pissed off that I tend to be more productive, the house gets cleaned, the dogs washed, homework completed and even an extra long run.  I have unfortunately found over the years that anger can be very motivating for me.  I often wonder if that is a good thing or a bad thing.  Shouldn’t there be other emotions that stimulate the same effects?  I very rarely come across other emotions that motivate me to the same level that anger does. 

Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t vent nearly as much as I should, but I will be honest both blogging and writing in my journal has helped me emotionally.  I don’t seem to snap at people nearly as much as I use to.  I personally like the blogging and writing for a few reasons.  First off I get to practice my writing skills.  I also get to hear how other people from across the world have handled similar situations.  I find that writing things down just makes life a little more manageable.